NCERT Book Class 7 Maths Chapter 4 Simple Equations (2023-2024) pdf

The NCERT Book for Class 7 Maths Chapter 4: Simple Equations is a valuable resource that introduces students to the fundamental concept of equations. This chapter aims to develop students’ problem-solving skills by teaching them how to solve simple equations using various methods.

The chapter begins by explaining the concept of an equation and its components, such as variables, constants, and coefficients. Students learn how to form equations based on real-life situations and solve them step-by-step.

The chapter covers different methods of solving equations, including the balancing method and the trial-and-error method. Students also learn to verify the solutions obtained by substituting them back into the original equation.

Furthermore, the chapter delves into the practical applications of equations, such as solving word problems involving age, money, and geometrical shapes.

The NCERT Book for Class 7 Maths Chapter 4 provides numerous examples, exercises, and practice problems to reinforce the concepts learned. It encourages students to think critically and apply logical reasoning to solve equations. The book is available in PDF format, allowing students to access it conveniently and enhance their understanding of simple equations.

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