Helen Keller Questions and Answers for Class 4 

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold Chapter – 5 Helen Keller Questions and Answers 

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Question: 1 something is wrong,” said Helen’s mother. What was wrong with Helen?


Something’s wrong,” Helen’s mother said.  Helen’s mother said this because Helen could not see or hear due to fever and illness.

Question: 2 Although Helen could not hear or see, what kind of girl was she?


Although Helen could not hear or see, she was a bright little girl.

Question: 3 Who agreed to help Helen?


Miss Sullivan , a young teacher, agreed to help Helen Keller to learn to see the words.

Question: 4 How did Miss Sullivan help Helen?


Miss Sullivan gave Helen a doll. She spelt the word with her fingers into Helen’s hand. She made the letters with special hand signs. She taught her sign language in this manner so that she might learn the words. 

Question: 5 What did Helen learn when the teacher put her hand into running water?


Helen learned the new word WATER when the teacher immersed her palm in rushing water. She also grasped the concept of water after discovering it was wet and running down her palm when she touched it.

Question: 6 What was the most important thing that Helen understood?


She understood that words were the most important things in the world. Words would tell her everything she wanted to know.

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