The School Boy Summary Class 8

The School Boy (Poem 5) Summary Class 8

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The young boy depicted in the poem carries a burden of unhappiness. What causes his sorrow? Why does he draw parallels between himself and a caged bird, or a plant that withers instead of blooming?

In the poem, the narrator expresses their love for the serenity of a summer morning, where birdsong fills the air and nature comes alive. However, this tranquility is shattered when they must go to school, as it drains away their joy and replaces it with sighs and dismay. They find themselves sitting in despondency, unable to take pleasure in their studies or the sanctuary of learning.

The narrator draws a poignant comparison between themselves and a bird that is meant to experience joy but is confined to a cage, unable to fully express itself. Similarly, they reflect on how a child, plagued by fears and worries, can become disheartened and forget the vibrant enthusiasm of their youth.

In a heartfelt plea to their parents, the narrator questions how the summer can bring forth joy and the fruits of success if the buds of their potential are nipped, the blossoms of their aspirations blown away, and the tender plants of their growth stripped of joy by sorrow and cares. They ponder how the beauty and abundance of summer can manifest without nurturing and protecting their inner potential.


In essence, the poem highlights the contrast between the natural inclination for happiness and growth and the oppressive forces that hinder it. It serves as a reminder to parents and society to foster an environment where children can flourish, enabling the summer of their lives to be filled with joy and the fruition of their dreams.

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