This is Jody’s Fawn Summary Class 8

This is Jody’s Fawn English (Honeydew) Chapter- 6 Summary For Class 8

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This excerpt is from the renowned novel “The Yearling” written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. It revolves around the experiences and emotions of a young boy named Jody, who possesses a remarkably sensitive mind, reflecting his pure-hearted nature.

One fateful day, Jody’s father is bitten by a rattlesnake, prompting Jody to take swift action. In a desperate attempt to save his father’s life, he sacrifices a doe, utilizing its heart and liver to draw out the venom. Although Jody successfully rescues his father, tragically, the fawn is left orphaned and alone.

The presence of the helpless fawn deeply saddens Jody, leaving an indelible mark on his thoughts. Driven by his empathy and compassion, he resolves to bring the fawn home. Despite initial hesitation from his father, Jody’s unwavering determination eventually convinces his father that it is their responsibility to care for the fawn, as they were the ones who took the life of its mother.

With his father’s agreement, Jody gains permission to proceed and is reminded by his father that they must seek their mother’s approval as well. Jody initiates a conversation with his mother, surprising her with his idea. However, he skillfully appeals to her sense of gratitude, highlighting that it would be unkind to abandon the fawn in its vulnerable state.

Dr. Wilson, along with Jody, assists in persuading Jody’s mother, emphasizing the notion that nothing comes without a price and they must accept their responsibilities. Additionally, Mill-wheel offers his assistance in taking Jody to the forest. Finally, Jody’s mother agrees, imposing the condition that Jody must fulfill his promise.

Determined, Jody commits to providing the fawn with nourishment, pledging to share his own portion of milk. They embark on their journey into the forest, where they ultimately locate the little fawn. Tenderly cradling the fawn in his arms, Jody brings it back to his father, who then feeds it milk from his hands.

Thus, the fawn finds its home with Jody, poised to be raised by him. This heartwarming tale showcases the transformative power of an innocent heart and a beautiful soul, illustrating how they can bring about profound change in someone’s life.


The story highlights the importance of taking responsibility for our actions and showing gratitude for the lives we affect. Jody’s selflessness and willingness to care for the fawn exemplify the transformative power of love and compassion. Moreover, the extract reflects on the fundamental connections between humans and the natural world. It emphasizes the delicate balance between life and death, and the responsibilities we have towards other living beings.

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