A Short Monsoon Diary MCQ Question with Answer Class 8

A Short Monsoon Diary English (Honeydew) Chapter- 8 MCQ Question with Answer for Class 8

Question 1. What is the atmosphere like when the mist descends on the hills?

a) Energetic

b) Melancholic

c) Noisy

d) Vibrant

Answer: b) Melancholic.

Question 2. What season is described as a paradise that could have been?

a) Summer

b) Winter

c) Monsoon

d) Spring

Answer: c) Monsoon.

Question 3. Which animal attacks Bijju’s cow during the rainy season?

a) Leopard

b) Elephant

c) Tiger

d) Bear

Answer: a) Leopard.

Question 4. What bird’s song breaks through the silence in the mist?

a) Scarlet minivet

b) Drongo

c) Whistling thrush

d) Tree creeper

Answer: c) Whistling thrush.

Question 5. What sound provides solace to the author during the rain?

a) Thunder

b) Leaking roof

c) Birds chirping

d) Swishing rain

Answer: d) Swishing rain.

Question 6. What happens when the rain stops on August 3?

a) Sun emerges

b) Thunderstorm begins

c) Mist descends

d) Wind blows

Answer: a) Sun emerges.

Question 7. What flowers appear on the hillsides during the monsoon season?

a) Tulips and daffodils

b) Sunflowers and roses

c) Balsam, dahlias, begonias, and ground orchids

d) Lilies and lavender

Answer: c) Balsam, dahlias, begonias, and ground orchids.

Question 8. Which creatures seek shelter in human spaces during the monsoon?

a) Birds

b) Insects

c) Snakes and rodents

d) Monkeys

Answer: c) Snakes and rodents.

Question 9. What unexpected event brings luck to the author?

a) Finding a four-leaf clover

b) Receiving a letter

c) Seeing a shooting star

d) Encountering a shrew

Answer: d) Encountering a shrew.

10. What season follows the monsoon in the diary entries?

a) Winter

b) Spring

c) Summer

d) Autumn

Answer: a) Winter.

Question 11. What natural phenomenon clears the sky after the hailstorm?

a) Rainbow

b) Thunderstorm

c) Sandstorm

d) Heatwave

Answer: a) Rainbow.

Question 12. What feeling does the author experience amidst the rhythm of rain on January 26?

a) Loneliness

b) Happiness

c) Excitement

d) Fear

Answer: a) Loneliness.

Question 13. What is the color of the trees described in March?

a) Green

b) Gray

c) Brown

d) White

Answer: b) Gray.

Question 14. What does the hailstorm in March signify?

a) Arrival of spring

b) End of winter

c) Beginning of monsoon

d) Change in temperature

Answer: b) End of winter.

Question 15. What natural event occurs after the hailstorm in March?

a) Earthquake

b) Tornado

c) Flooding

d) Rainbow

Answer: d) Rainbow.

Question 16. What effect does the mist have on the birds in the hills?

a) It makes them sing louder.

b) It makes them migrate to warmer regions.

c) It makes them fall silent.

d) It attracts more birds to the area.

Answer: c) It makes them fall silent.

Question 17. What is the author’s response to the mist affording a certain privacy?

a) It makes them feel isolated.

b) It makes them uncomfortable.

c) It makes them feel secure.

d) It makes them appreciate solitude.

Answer: d) It makes them appreciate solitude.

Question 18. What seasonal visitors arrive during the monsoon?

a) Leopards and bears

b) Leeches and elephants

c) Snakes and monkeys

d) Leeches and a leopard

Answer: d) Leeches and a leopard.

Question 19. Which bird species tries to hide by remaining silent?

a) Scarlet minivets

b) Drongos

c) Whistling thrushes

d) Tree creepers

Answer: a) Scarlet minivets.

Question 20. What bird moves rapidly up the trunk of the oak tree?

a) Scarlet minivet

b) Drongo

c) Whistling thrush

d) Tree creeper

Answer: d) Tree creeper.

Question 21. What is the author’s perception of the tin roof during the rain?

a) It makes them feel connected to the rain.

b) It is a source of annoyance due to leaks.

c) It creates a comforting sound.

d) It reminds them of spring.

Answer: a) It makes them feel connected to the rain.

Question 22. What emerges from the depths of the ravine like a dark sweet secret?

a) Scarlet minivets

b) Whistling thrushes

c) Mist

d) Sunlight

Answer: b) Whistling thrushes.

Question 23. How would you describe the atmosphere during the endless rain?

a) Cold and gloomy

b) Bright and sunny

c) Hot and humid

d) Damp and soggy

Answer: d) Damp and soggy.

Question 24. What does the turning of cobra lily seeds indicate?

a) The start of the monsoon

b) The end of winter

c) The arrival of spring

d) The conclusion of the rains

Answer: d) The conclusion of the rains.

Question 25. What do the ferns begin to do after turning yellow?

a) Wither

b) Blossom

c) Grow taller

d) Change color again

Answer: a) Wither.

Question 26. Where do snakes and rodents seek shelter during the monsoon?

a) Human homes

b) Underground burrows

c) Tree canopies

d) Lakes and rivers

Answer: a) Human homes.

Question 27. What is considered lucky according to the grandmother?

a) Encountering a shrew

b) Killing snakes

c) Finding money

d) Owning a cow

Answer: a) Encountering a shrew.

Question 28. Which season follows the monsoon rains in the diary entries?

a) Autumn

b) Winter

c) Spring

d) Summer

Answer: b) Winter.

Question 29. What natural phenomenon suffuses the sky and hills with a beautiful golden light?

a) Thunderstorm

b) Hailstorm

c) Rainbow

d) Sunset

Answer: c) Rainbow.

30. What feeling does the mist evoke as it holds the house in a dark caress?

a) Joy

b) Fear

c) Warmth

d) Sadness

Answer: b) Fear.

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