A Short Monsoon Diary Summary Class 8

A Short Monsoon Diary English (Honeydew) Chapter- 8 Summary for Class 8

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In this collection of diary entries spanning from June 24 to March 23, the author captures the essence of a hill station during the monsoon season. The mist descends upon the hills, enveloping them in silence and melancholy. Amidst the mist, Bijju’s calls echo, creating an air of mystery.

On June 25, the first genuine monsoon rain arrives, bringing warmth and humidity. The author explores the natural beauty of the hill station, describing it as a paradise that could have been. The arrival of the cobra lily and scarlet minivets adds vibrancy to the landscape, while the aggressive drongos disrupt the tranquility.

As the rains continue, the author finds solace in the sound of rain on the tin roof on August 2. Despite the leaks, there is a sense of being connected to the rain while remaining untouched by it. On August 3, the rain subsides, and the sun emerges, casting its light on the hills. The whistling thrush’s song breaks through the silence, revealing a hidden beauty.

The days pass with endless rain and a persistent mist, confining the author indoors. The lush monsoon growth reaches its peak on August 31, with flowers adorning the hillsides. Snakes, rodents, and even a shrew seek shelter in human spaces, bringing unexpected amusement. The author receives a fortunate surprise—a cheque in the mail, symbolizing the luck brought by the shrew.

On October 3, the transition from monsoon to winter rain is abrupt, with snow appearing at higher altitudes. A hailstorm clears the sky, leaving behind a mesmerizing rainbow. The diary entry on January 26 evokes a profound sense of loneliness amidst the rhythmic rain, mist, and gray trees. As March arrives, a black cloud unleashes a hailstorm, signaling the end of winter.


In conclusion, these diary entries paint a vivid picture of the monsoon season in a hill station. The mist, rain, and natural beauty create an atmosphere of both serenity and longing. The author finds solace in the intimate connection with nature, the surprises it brings, and the transformative power of the changing seasons.

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