Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Summary Class 8

Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Notes Class 8

Name of the Writer –

Satyajit Ray


In the story, we meet a man named Bepin Choudhury, who enjoys visiting a bookshop and purchasing books. One day, an individual named Parimal Ghose approaches him, claiming to be an old acquaintance from a trip to Ranchi. Initially, Bepin dismisses this, believing the man has mistaken him for someone else. However, Parimal reveals personal details about Bepin that confuse him, as he has no recollection of the incidents described and has never been to Ranchi.

Parimal suggests that Bepin confirm the story with their mutual friend, Dinesh Mukerji. Though initially unconcerned, Bepin eventually reaches out to Dinesh, who verifies the truth of the tale. This revelation leaves Bepin extremely perplexed, fearing that he is losing his memory. Seeking a remedy, he consults a doctor who is equally puzzled by the situation, having never encountered such a case before.

The doctor advises Bepin to revisit Ranchi, hoping that returning to the place might trigger his supposedly forgotten memories. Bepin follows the suggestion, but even after the trip, he remains unable to recall anything. He grows increasingly worried and summons the doctor, who is scheduled to arrive later.

Before the doctor’s arrival, Bepin discovers the truth: his friend Chunni Lal played an elaborate prank on him as revenge. Previously, Chunni had needed Bepin’s assistance in finding a job, but since Bepin couldn’t help, he had distanced himself. Chunni orchestrated this scheme to get back at him. Bepin experiences a mix of anger and relief upon learning the truth—he is not losing his memory after all. When the doctor finally arrives, Bepin decides to deceive him, falsely claiming that his memories returned after the trip to Ranchi, and that he is now fine.


In conclusion, Bepin Choudhury’s life takes an unexpected turn when a prank by his friend makes him believe he is losing his memory. The story emphasizes the importance of trust, communication, and the consequences of playing practical jokes on others.

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